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  • Updated on: Apr 12, 2019

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    Manual Token Orders
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    Settings Overview

  • Updated on: Apr 18, 2018

    How to Import Report Templates

  • The ability to write checkpoints is permission based. This option may not be available to all officers in the field. If the steps shown below are not available, it is likely due to the permissions granted to the officer. Any checkpoint options active for the site (or zone) will be available when writing a new checkpoint.

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  • Updated on: Apr 17, 2018

    How to Create Report Notifications

    Report notifications apply to individual reports completed by officers. When officers complete a report the system will check the criteria for report notifications. If the report (or incident type) meets the criteria for a notification rule, the system will enforce the rule and send notifications via SMS or email. Each rule can also have unique contact providing automation for communications related to certain situations reported by officers.

  • A vehicle profile can be created for each fo the patrol vehicles in an company's fleet. The main purpose of creating a vehicle profile is to provide a folder where report related to the vehicle can be stored. This allows officers to keep maintenance records for each patrol vehicle. The history of inspections and maintenance logs can be found in the vehicle's profile.

  • Some of the functionality discussed in this article is driven by permission. For example, depending on the permissions granted to the officer the ability to edit or view completed field reports may not be available. Reports are comprised of different field types. Clicking on a field will propt the method for completing the field. In some cases this may be the keyboard on the device, a list of drop-down menu options or the camera.

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  • The terms roles and permissions are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they are fundamentally different. Permissions are individual privileges such as the ability to view or edit information in the system. A role is a collection of permissions. In other words an officer role would be defined by a series of permissions that provide officer-level users access to only the functionality required for their duties. When unsure, it is considered a best practice to begin with the minimal requires (permissions) for each role. These can always be modified as new needs are identified.

  • Updated on: Apr 17, 2018

    How to Create Master Sites

    Master Sites collect information from the sub-site attached to them. This can be helpful to benchmarking sites that belong to a single account. It is also required for a client to gain access to more than one site using their client portal.

  • The Skills and Attributes section can be used to track certifications permits and other compliances required for officers to perform their duties. The items created here also integrate into TrackTik scheduling. This allows admins to set requirements for different positions.