How to Prepare a Payrun

Process the pay cycle’s payroll. Prerequisite is that all shifts must have been approved prior to the Payrun being able to be processed. System automatically runs validation of the Payrun and if any errors are encountered, it will not provide the Process Payrun button. It requires that you resolve the errors prior to allowing the Payrun to be ran. Once the Payrun is complete, the Approve button will be presented. Once approved the Payrun is locked down and manual adjustments would be required to employees. The system provides the ability to delete/unlock a Payrun by selecting the Unlock button. Selecting this button will notify the system to remove the Payrun and allow for it to be reprocessed.

Pre-Process a Payrun
Pre-Process a Payrun

Pre-processing a payrun allows the system to check for errors or missing data within the pay period. This check will return information about the pay period as well as Warnings and Errors. The payruns available will be automatically generated based on the default settings configured in the "Back Office Defaults" section of the settings.

Warnings: This is missing information that may be important for correctly grouping hours worked by officers. Warnings will not block the pay run from processing.

Errors: Errors are missing information or conflicts that must be resolved before a payrun can be processed.

Follow the steps below to pre-process a payrun.

  1. From the Live Dashboard, click on the "HR & Payroll" tab.
  2. Click on the payrun that will be pre-processed.
  3. Once the period is selected, the screen will show the status of the period. Click on the [View] button to access the option to pre-process the period.
  4. Click on the [Pre-Process] button.

Continue to the next step to correct any errors. If no errors are present the payrun is ready to process.

Resolving Errors in a Payrun

Resolving Errors in a Payrun

All errors must be resolved before the payrun can be pre-processed. Follow the same process for resolving warnings.

  1. Click on the [Resolve] button next to Errors (or Warnings).
  2. A panel will open to show what information is missing or needs correction. Most often errors are due to unapproved shifts. Either click on the blue tile to select Scheduled Hours, the gray tile for Logged Hours or manually enter the hours in the blank field to the right.
  3. Once all errors have been corrected (approved hours entered for the shifts), click on the [Pre-Process] button again.
Process a Payrun
Process a Payrun

Once all of the errors in the payrun have been corrected the system will allow the payrun to be processed.

  1. Click on the [Proces Payrun] button.
  2. Then click on the [Save] button to process the payrun.
Review and Approve the Payrun
Review and Approve the Payrun

Once the payrun has been processed it will be Locked. Essentially this means the information in the payrun can no longer be edited as the period has been processed. Review all of the information in the available tabs and click on the [Approve] button to approve the payrun.

Summary tab: Include a list of summary information across the top of the Summary tab. This includes the Employees count, Total Cost, Total Hours, OT Cost, Holiday Cost and Holiday Hours. Provides details for each employee, including the accounts/positions they were scheduled at including Pay Rate, Regular (reg) and Overtime (OT) hours, as well as holiday and double-time.

Raw Items: List of all shifts and related data that occurred during the Payrun cycle processed.

By Employee: Summary total of employees’ hours and total labor costs.

Exports: Provides summary of the data needed to be exported to third-party payroll systems for the W2 and 1099 profiles. Also can be exported directly from this tab using the Options button.

Export the Payrun
Export the Payrun

Once the payrun has been processed the system can generate an export which can easily be uploaded to an external system to handle payment processing. Complete the steps below to get an export of the payrun.

  1. Click on the "Exports" tab.
  2. For hourly employees click on the "W2" option from the side menu. Contractors will be listed in the 1099 section.
  3. Click on the [Options] button and select a suitable file type for the export.

A download should begin immediately.