How To Create/Edit Positions

Updated Apr 15, 2018

Positions are essentially the same as Posts and dictate where or how the Guard will be working at the Site. Positions are required in order to create device licenses as well as for preparing schedules and for billing. Positions in TrackTik allow administrators to set rules for the position including site requirements, service period, bill items, bill rate and employee pay.

How to Create / Edit Positions

Creating a new Position

  1. Sites (Client): Go to the Sites (Client) menu and select the site you wish to create a position for.
  2. Overview Tab: Make sure you are on the Overview page for the selected site (You usually land on this page when entering a site's profile.
  3. Positions Tab: Click on the Positions Tab in order to access the Positions menu.
  4. + Create a Position: Click on +Create a New Position.

Configuring a new Position

  1. Post Base Settings: Here is where you give the post its name (Required) as well as a Post ID, a short description of Tasks and here is where you select it's status (Active or Archived).
  2. Compliances: Compliances / Skills provide a way to track certifications and permits. Any of the items here are requirements for officers to work the post. If ever an officer does not meet the hard requirements, you will not be able to assign them to this post for this site.
  3. Service Date:  This area allows you to determine if this position is an Ongoing Service or just a Temporary service as well as select the Begin date. If ever the position you are creating is a temporary service, you will also be prompted to enter in an End date.
  4. Billing Settings: If you are using TrackTik to manage your customer billing, then you would complete this section to determine how your customer will be billed for the services completed by the officers working this position.
  5. Pay Settings: This area allows you to configure how your employees will be paid for working this position.
  6. Save: Click on Save to create this new position for this site.

Editing an Existing Position

  1. Positions Tab: Click on the positions tab to enter the Positions menu.
  2. Edit: Click on Edit at the far left of the existing position that you wish to edit.

Duplicate or Delete a Position

Use the buttons on both sides of the [Edit] button to either duplicate a position or delete a position.

  1. Duplicate: This will create a duplicate of the position. Duplicating positions can be an effective way to create a new position will all of the same parameters as an existing position.
  2. Delete: Deleting a position will remove the position from the system. This includes the ability to schedule shifts on that position.
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