How to extend ‘Roles & Permissions’ for your Staff via [Manager Dashboard]

Updated Jul 11, 2017

Staff portal can be enhanced allowing further access to your officers, to certain sites, by providing manager access only to the sites your employees have access to. 

This way your site supervisors will have manager access to the additional Patrol, Time Keeping and/or Scheduling privileges for the sites that they are assigned to (i.e. access to prepare schedule for certain sites but not all).

How to get there: (1) Click [Settings] (2) Click [Features] (3) Ensure [Manager Dashboard] toggle is ‘ON’

How to get there: (1) Click [Settings] (2) Click [Features] (3) Click the role you wish to edit (i.e. Scheduler Limited Access) (4) Choose [Patrol] folder (5) Ensure [Manage Dashboard: General Access] is checked along with rest of the features you wish to grant (i.e. Scheduling)

Once you finalize, have you officer signed-in with the proper credentials. Dashboard view will reflect the changes accordingly allowing a manager dashboard access to the sites your officer is assigned to.

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