How to Dispatch Report Tasks (Simple Dispatch)

Updated Apr 17, 2018

The Task Dispatch is a complimentary tool in TrackTik. This allows admins to send report forms to officers. The report form acts as a task and officer will be able to update their status of the task until the report is completed. Completing a task requires the officer to complete a few steps such as updating the task to "In Progress", completing the report and closing the task. The status of the task will show in the Live Dashboard.

Overview of the Task Dispatch Tool

From the Task Dispatch tab you can create new tasks and view the progress of the existing tasks.

  1. Status Filter: By default the task list will show all new tasks and those currently in progress. You can use the drop-down menu to filter tasks by their status. Here you can filter to view the list of completed tasks.
  2. Task Status: Use the drop-down menu to change the status of a task. Officers can change the status of the task on their device as well.
  3. Assign/Reassign Task: You can assign or reassign a task by clicking on the [Assign] button. Begin typing the name of an officer and the drop-down menu will populate officers with matching names.
  4. Edit/View Task: Use the [Edit] button to edit the information about the task. The [View] button will allow you to view the current information about the task.

Dispatch a New Task

  1. Click on the [New Task] button above the current list of tasks. In the pop-up window select General for the type of task. Once you start creating Dispatchable Forms in the report builder you will have more options for the type of task.
  2. Priority: A drop-down will appear for the task priority. Low and Important will send a simple beep notification to the officer when the task is assigned to them. The Urgent priority will trigger a loud siren on the officer's device.
  3. Report Request: From the drop-down menu, select which report form will be assigned with the task. The drop-down menu pulls the list of report forms you have created in the report builder.
  4. Assign To: Begin typing the officer's name in the text box. Matching names will populate a drop-down list. Select an officer from the drop-down to assign to the task. This is a required field for the task to correctly reach the officer.
  5. Customer: Begin typing the client's name in the Customer field. Select the client from the drop-down list. Note that there is a check box for billable time below the Customer field. If you check this box the officer will have the ability to track their time working on the task with the [Start Time] button.
  6. Details: Enter any additional details about the task (optional).
  7. Click on the [Create Ticket] button to send the task to the officer.

Reassign a Dispatch Task

Reassign a Dispatch Task

Tasks can be reassigned at any time from the Live Dashboard. To reassign an active task:

  1. Click on the [Reassign] button for the desired task.
  2. Begin typing the name of the officer to receive the task. Click on the officers name when it appears in the menu and select the "Alert User" checkbox it send a notification to the officer's device.
  3. Click on the [Save] button to reassign the task.

View the Completed Dispatch Report

 View the Completed Dispatch Report

To view the reports completed by officers, click on the [View Report] button for a task. Note that the report will include "Event Logs" below the completed field. These show the progress of the task over with timestamps at each status.

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