How to Manage System Exception Tickets

Updated Jan 23, 2018

System Exception Tickets are created for different events in the system. Each time the system detects a certain type of exception a new exception ticket is created. These ticket can be referenced and resolved at any time. Resolution is not a required action for system exception tickets. They can simply be used for reference as well.

1. Access System Exception Tickets / Type of System Exceptions

The system exception tickets are available from the Live Dashboard by hovering over the Dashboard button on the left-hand side and then by clicking on "System Exceptions".

  1. Hover over [Dashboard].
  2. Click on [System Exceptions].

2. Types of Exceptions

  • Late Checkpoint: Reference to tours and checkpoints performed after their scheduled time.
  • Important Reports: Records of any completed reports using a form with the "Notify Alert Queue" option selected.
  • GPS Disabled Alert: The settings on a device were changed during a shift to no longer provide GPS location data.
  • Geofence Violation: One of the geo-fence notifications was triggered at a site.
  • Late 10/10: An Officer missed a scheduled check-in.
  • Unauthorized Dial-In Number: An officer attempted to clock-in with call-in timekeeping from an authorized number.
  • Uncovered Shift: A scheduled shift where the officer never clocked-in.
  • Late Shift Notification: An officer clocked-in for a shift after the scheduled start of the shift.
  • Punch-In (Invalid Number): An officer attempted to clock-in using the call-in timekeeping and provided an incorrect employee ID.
  • Shift Not Closed: An officer clocked-in for their shift, but failed to clock-out. This can delay the creation of a shift report and notifications.

3. Resolve / Update Status of System Exception Tickets

System exception tickets can be managed as cases. Each ticket can be updated and resolved. The information will remain in the system for future reference, but "resolved" tickets will be moved the "resolved" filter in the list of system exception tickets. To update or resolve an exception ticket:

  1. Click on the [View] button for the ticket.
  2. Enter comments or notes about the exception ticket. Typically this is used to note the actions taken to resolve the issue.
  3. Update the status of the ticket by selecting one status radial buttons.
  4. Click on the [Save] button.

4. Resolve / Close All Open and Pending Exception Tickets

Exception tickets can be closed or resolved in bulk. This is commonly done from time to time to clear the "Opened and Pending" list of exception tickets. Complete the steps below to close / resolve all active exception tickets.

  1. Click on the [Close All Tickets] button.
  2. To complete the action, click on the [Save] button.

5. View Resolved Exception Tickets

Click on the "Status" filter at the top of the ticket list to filter the list to show "Resolved" tickets.

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