How to Message Officers From the Dashboard

Updated Jan 23, 2018

The Live Dashboard has a few tools for messaging officers using the mobile application. This allows admin to message officers directly or broadcast messages to all active officers. Field officers must be using the mobile application to receive the notification. Along with the messages options, there are also tools to remotely capture audio and force a device to reset.

1. Broadcast a Message to Multiple Officers

The Broadcast message option is designed to send mass messages to active field officers. This is commonly used to alert officers to adverse weather conditions, Amber alerts and developing situations.

  1. Click on the [Broadcast Message] button.
  2. Enter the content for the message in the "Message" field and use the "Alert sound Type" drop-down menu to select the audio notification for the message. Note the "Loud Siren" will sound an alarm at the maximum volume on the device.
  3. By default this messaging option will select all active officers. Click on the checkboxes next to the officer names to modify who will receive the message. Then click on the [Save] button.

2. Send an Individual Officer Messages or Access Remote Functionality

All officers that are currently clocked-in will appear below the real-time GPS map. There are several ways to reach officers in the field from the Live Dashboard. To access the push message options, click on the officer's tile below the map.

Note - There is no button for this. Just click on the tile.

2.1. Send a Text Message with Siren

Send a Text Message with Siren

Message with Siren allows you to send a text message to the officer through the mobile application. Select the type of sound trigger on the device when the message arrives. Both options will manually override the volume set on the device to ensure the tone is heard by the officer.

2.2. Send a Type to Speech Message

Send a Type to Speech Message

Remote Speak will speak messages to officers. Any text submitted in the message window will be read aloud to the officer through the speakers on their device.

2.3. Remotely Capture Audio or Video

Remotely Capture Audio or Video

In both cases, the remote audio and video send a request to the device to capture information. Audio will only access sound received by the microphone on the device, whereas video will also include video captured by the camera on the device. Once the device has captured the clip, it will return the information to the Live Dashboard under Operation Reports in the Recordings tab.

2.4. Remotely Reset a Device or Clock-Out a User

Remotely Reset a Device or Clock-Out a User

Reload Install: Force a device to reset and reload the mobile application.

Clock Out User: Manually clock out an employee if they leave without punching out.

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