How to Navigate the Live Dashboard

Updated Apr 15, 2018

The Live Dashboard provides an overview of all field operations. As officers complete different activities in the field, the dashboard will update in real-time to show activities. This provides management and dispatch better visibility into what is happening in the field. Along with the monitoring features, the Live Dashboard also provides the ability to message officers and access different areas of the system.

Dashboard Overview

Description of Live Dashboard Components

The Dashboard is divided into several segments. The sections that follow will address the functionality available in each of the segments described below.

  1. Dashboard Tabs: The tabs in the Live Dashboard allow you to manage your operation and view data provided from the field such as tour information, field reports, intervention videos and summary reports (Shift report or DAR).
  2. Operations Tiles: Real-time information about your field operations. Additional information can be found by hoving over the tiles or clicking on them.
  3. Dashboard Tools: These tabs offer a suite of tools. Dispatch tasks, view attendance, manage exceptions and more with the Dashboard Tools.
  4. GPS Map: The GPS map shows the real-time location of all officers currently clocked-in to the system. You have the ability to broadcast messages and assign task from this window as well.
  5. Active Mobile Roster: All employees shown below the GPS map are currently clocked-in to the system.

Access the Dashboard Tabs

The tabs available in the dashboard will be different depending on the active modules. Below is a description of the information found in each tab as well as a links to more information about each section.

Live Dashboard: The Live Dashboard is the image shown above. This provides an overview of field activites.

Operations Reports: Access all documentation captured from the field. This includes: field reports, summary reports (DAR), Intervention videos, tour reports and incident analytics.

Mobile Dispatch: (Requires Mobile Patrols or Dispatch) View and configure run sheets for mobile jobs and dispatch jobs to officers.

Settings Overview: Access contracts, positions and backoffice settings.

Schedules & Attendance: (Requires Scheduling) Create and view schedules, check officer time and attendance and approve hours worked.

HR & Payroll: (Requires Payroll) Access employee HR profiles and prepare payroll.

Billing: (Requires Billing) View and distribute invoices, log payments and access billing analytics.

Description of Live Operations Tiles

Description of Live Operations Tiles

The Operations Tiles provide real-time information on the vitals of your field operations. Different tiles may appear depending on the modules activated in the dashboard.

  1. CLOCKED-IN VIA MOBILE: The number of employees currently clocked-in to the system. Hover over this tile to get a list of the clocked-in employees.
  2. INACTIVE MOBILE USER: This tile is triggered to turn red and notify you if an employee has not performed a task for 60 minutes or more. You can hover over this tile to get a list of the inactive employees.
  3. REPORTS TO APPROVE: When a report is submitted from the field it will have a status of "New Report" by default. New reports need to be approved before they are archived and made available to clients. You can click on this tile to shortcut to a view of all reports that have not yet been approved.
  4. EXPIRING SKILLS: In the employee profiles you can assign employees certifications and permits. The Expiring Skills tile will list the number of certifications or permits within 30 days of expiring. You can click on this tile to view the list of expiring certifications by employee.
  5. SCHEDULED SHIFTS: View the number of shifts currently active. Hover over this tile to get a summary or click on the tile to view a detailed schedule of current shifts.
  6. LATE SHIFTS: This tile shows the number of shifts where an officer clocked-in past the scheduled start time for their shift.

Description of Dashboard Tools

  1. Activity Feed: The Activity Feed is a real-time feed of activities occurring in the field. The feed will populate as officers perform activities such as scanning checkpoints, writing reports, clocking-in/out, etc.
  2. Attendance: View real-time punctuality and attendance for scheduled shifts. Make adjustments to ongoing shifts and adjust the officer's hours.
  3. Scheduled Tours: View a list of scheduled tours with indicators for late tours.
  4. Task Dispatch: Access the list of active and completed tasks that have been assigned to officers. Reassign or adjust tasks as needed.

View Officer Information

The dashboard has been updated to provide better visibility into your field operations. Some of the updates include:

  1. Map Icons: The icons on the map provide a quick visual reference as to the officer's assignment.
  2. Device / Timekeeping Icons: These icons provide visibility into the officers current status (clocked-in/out) as well as the type of device the officer is using.
  3. Tile Information: The push messaging options window now shows the officer's most recent activities.

Description of Map Icons

Description of Map Icons

Description of Device / Officer Status Icons

Description of Device / Officer Status Icons

The Guard Tour application is the mobile application available on any Android device. Officers using the Guard Tour application are clocked in using a mobile device.

The On-Site application can be accessed from any device via web browser. This means the officer is currently using a tablet or, more often than not, a computer at the site.

Description of Recent Officer Activities From Officer Tile

Description of Recent Officer Activities From Officer Tile

Clicking on the officer's tile now provide a glimpse into the recent activities performed by the officer. The list can be filter by the text box above the list of activities. The Remote Options are available using the drop-down menu to the right of the activities.

  1. Recent Activities: This section provides a list of all activities performed by the officer during their shift.
  2. Remote Options: Use the drop-down menu to remotely capture audio or video from the device, message the officer and push options like clocking-out or an application reinstall.

Left Side Menus Overview

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