How to Write / View Field Reports (Android Guard Tour)

Updated Apr 17, 2018

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Some of the functionality discussed in this article is driven by permission. For example, depending on the permissions granted to the officer the ability to edit or view completed field reports may not be available. Reports are comprised of different field types. Clicking on a field will propt the method for completing the field. In some cases this may be the keyboard on the device, a list of drop-down menu options or the camera.

Mobile Options for Field Reports

Use the mobile application to write reports and activity log entries. All reports written during your shift will be compiled within the system to create your Daily Activity Report. Throughout your shift periodically write activity logs to record general activities. Use incident reports to note important events or observations during your shift.

In addition to creating new reports, you can also view completed reports at the site. When you access the Reports and Logs you will have the option to create a new report or view reports completed at the site.

Creating New Reports

Follow the steps below to select and complete a new field report.

  1. Scroll through the list of available report and log forms to find the right form for the situation. Click on the appropriate form and complete the fields provided.
  2. Click on the field to see what type of information can be provided. For example, if the field is a drop-down menu, clicking on the field will present the options in the drop-down menu. Other types of fields will present a keyboard, number pad, or open the camera on the device.
  3. Once all of the required fields have been completed, click on the [Send] button at the bottom of the screen to submit the report.

Browse Completed Field Reports

Click on Browse Site Reports to view reports that have been completed at this site. Accessing the site reports will also allow you to modify reports written earlier in your shift.

Browse By Report Form: View all the reports written in the past 48 hours using the type of report as a filter.

  1. Browse Site Reports: Select Browse Site Reports to access reports completed at the site.
  2. Report Browsing Options: Filter reports to all reports completed at the site, only those completed by you or choose the specific report type you would like to access.
  3. Select Report: Using the filtering options, locate the report you would like to view or edit. Once located, click on the report.
  4. View/Edit Report: Select View Report to access a "view only" version of the report. Select Edit Report if you plan to make modifications to an existing report.
  5. Select Field: Click on the field you would like to edit. Make any necessary edits to the report then click on the "Send" button to send the most recent version to the TrackTik dashboard. Historical backups of previous versions of the report will be created automatically.
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