How to Manually Clock-In/Out Officers

Updated Feb 11, 2020

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Time keeping is usually captured when officers clock-in/out on their device, computer or using the call-in time keeping option. However, admins have the ability to manually clock officers in and out for their shifts. The Batch Timeclock tool was developed to serve this purpose.

Access / View Shifts in Batch Timeclock

The Batch Timeclock tool will automatically populate a list of current shifts. These include all of the shifts that are currently active as well as the next scheduled shifts. To access the shifts in the Batch Timclock:

  1. Click on the "Schedules & Attendance" tab from the Live Dashboard.
  2. Select the "Batch Timeclock" option in the scheduling menu.
  3. Blue Tiles: These mark shifts that are currently scheduled, but the officer has not clocked-in.
  4. Green Tiles: The shift is currently active and the officer is clocked-in to the shift.
  5. Gray Tiles: Theses are the upcoming shifts. The shift has not yet started.

Filter the Shifts in the Batch Timeclock

The list of shifts shown in the Batch Timeclock can be filtered to locate specific shifts.

  1. Quick Search: Search for shifts by keywords like employee or site names.
  2. Filter By Clock-In Status: Use the drop-down to select either view all shifts, clocked-in or not yet clocked-in.
  3. Site/Account Filter: Type in the name of a site to only view the shifts at that site.
  4. Post/Position Filter: Enter the name of a post/position to filter the list of shifts to that post.

Manual Clock-In/Out Options

There are two options when clocking officers in/out of shifts.

  1. Clock-In Options: Officers can be clocked-in "Now," which will automatically take the current time as the clock-in time for the officer. "On Schedule" will clock-in the officer at the scheduled start of the shift.
  2. Clock-Out Options: The clock-out options are similar to the clock-in options. Officers can be clock-out at the current time ("Now") or they can be clocked-out at the scheduled end of the shift ("On Schedule").

Edit Shifts in Batch Timeclock

At the bottom of each shift tile there are options to add notes to the shift or edit the shift information. Click on the link button at the bottom of the shift tile to make adjusts to the shift through the pop-up shift edit window (shown above).

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