How to View All Schedules (Weekly and Monthly)

Updated Feb 11, 2020

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The schedule view in schedule preparation shows all of the shift for a single site, however , the scheduling module does provide visibility to view shifts across all site. This is possible using the "Schedule Overview" and the "Live Schedule" options. The live schedule allows admins to filter the shifts shown, while the schedule overview shows all shifts color-coded by their current status.

Access / View the Live Schedule

The Live Schedule provides a view of all scheduled shifts. This view allows users to filter the shifts that appear in the Live Schedule making it easy to quickly locate shifts that have overtime pay, holiday pay and require confirmation. The Live Schedule also allows users to filter the shifts view by employee and location. To access the Live Schedule:

  1. From the Live Dashboard, click on the "Schedules & Attendance" tab.
  2. Select the "Live Schedule" menu option.

Filter View of the Live Schedule

The view in the Live Schedule can be modified using the filters at the top of the screen. A description of the available filter is below.

  1. Shift Sorting: Use this drop-down to select how the shifts will be sorted and grouped. The option selected here will define the variables in the the column to the left. Shifts will sort and display based in this option.
  2. Account Filter: Type in the name of a site to filter the view the only show shifts schedule at a specific site.
  3. Employee Filter: Type in the name of an employee to filter the view to only show shifts assigned to a certain employee.
  4. Reset: Clear all filter options selected.
  5. Reload: Refresh the view in the Live Schedule.
  6. Date Range: Use the drop-down here to select the first week that will appear in Live Schedule.
  7. 1 Week: Select this option to only view shifts for the one week selected above.
  8. 2 Week: Click on this option to to change the view to include shifts for the week selected and the following week.
  9. Vacant Only: Select this option to only displays shifts that have not yet been assigned to an officer.
  10. Not Published Only: Filter the shifts shown to include only shifts that have not yet been published.
  11. Not Acknowledged Only: Select this option to only show shifts that have yet to be confirmed by officers.
  12. Overtime (Pay): Filter the shifts to only view those that include overtime pay.
  13. Holiday (Pay): Select to view all shifts that include adjustments for holiday pay.

Edit Shifts in the Live Schedule

Any shift that includes overtime pay will include visual indicator. Click on the shift tiles to edit the information for the shift. Here the assigned employee, start/end time and break can be adjusted. Any changes made here will automatically be updated in the schedule for the employee and the site.

Access / View Schedule Overview

The Schedule Overview provides visibility to view all shifts by day, week or month. From this view shifts can viewed or edited. To access and view the Schedule Overview:

  1. Click on the "Schedules & Attendance" tab from the Live Dashboard.
  2. Select the "Schedule Overview" menu option.
  3. Filter the view in the Schedule Overview to only include shifts that match the criteria of the selected filter options.
  4. Choose the view for the Schedule Overview (Day, Week or Month).
  5. Hover over any of the shift tiles to get more information about the shift.

Edit Shifts in the Schedule Overview

Access the shift edit panel by clicking on a shift tile. This can be done to edit the information for upcoming shifts or log hours for past shifts. The modifications made here will update in schedule for the employee and site.

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