How to View / Edit / Add Comments to Field Reports

Updated Mar 14, 2017

With the proper permissions, admins and other users can view and edit field reports. Once the completed report arrives to the dashboard, the content in the form can be edited to correct grammar or add additional details. The system will automatically create a backup of the original form to preserve the original information. Admins can add comments to a report and also view logs of distribution and changes to the report.

Access the Operations Reports Section of the Dashboard

The "Operations Reports" tab captures all of the patrol tour, summary and field reports completed by all officers at all sites. Use this tab to browse and locate specific reports.

Filter the List of Field Reports to Locate Specific Reports

You can view the complete history of field reports under the "Reports" menu option in the "Operations Reports" tab. By default the list of reports will show the most recent reports written by officers. The filter options at the top will allow you to select criteria for searching through your report history.

Description of Report Icons
Description of Report Icons

Every report will have the summary icon (light blue-top) on the left-hand side of the screen. Only report forms that include the incident type or site location list will have the latter two (blue house and red pen). Typically, the only report forms that include the site location and incident type are incident report forms.

1. Report Type: Use the drop-down menu to select a specific report form or leave it to the default "All Types" to view all report types.

2. Only Include Report with Incidents: Use this drop-down to filter to view only reports that tag an incident type.

3. Report Status: Filter to only view new reports or the history of approved reports. Report status can be: New Report, Approved, Verification or Job Pending.

• New Report: Reports that have been submitted, but have not been viewed by a manager.

• Approved: Reports that have been reviewed and approved by a manager. Reports must be approved before they are available to clients in the client portal.

• Verification: Reports that have been viewed, but require additional information before they can be approved.

• Job Pending: Reports that have been viewed, but require further action from officers.

4. To Relink: Only view reports that are marked to be relinked.

5.  Date Range: Select a start and end date to only view the reports written within a specific date range.

6.  Type to Select Site or Zone: Use this type to select drop-down menu to filter the list of reports to inly include reports completed at a specific site or zone

7.  Filter by employee: Ability to filter by "user" reports created by various users would be grouped.

8. Keyword Search: Use keywords to locate specific reports. The Keyword Search will search will search all text fields included in reports for a mention of the keyword.

Access / View a Completed Report
Access / View a Completed Report
  1. Report Status: Use the drop-down menu to change the status of a report. Some report forms will need to be approved before they are made available to clients.
  2. Report PDF / Email Report: Get a PDF version of the report that can be saved locally or printed. Click the email icon to send the report via email. Contacts for the site will automatically appear with checkboxes.
  3. View Report: View the report in your dashboard window. Clicking this button will take you to the image at the bottom of the screen. Note that you can scroll down to view the entire report.
Edit Fields in a Completed Report
Edit Fields in a Completed Report
  1. Once you have clicked on the [View] button to view a report, click on the [Edit] button located at the top of the report.
  2. Modify the existing report as needed. Note that you will have access to the complete form, not just the fields populated by the officer.
  3. Click [Save] to save any changes to the report. The original report form will be saved as a PDF backup in the Files tab along with the current version of the report, so no historical data is lost.
Add / View Report Comments and Report Historical Versions
Add / View Report Comments and Report Historical Versions

Comments: You can add notes and comments to a report without modifying the information in the report form. Type your notes into the text box below the Comments tab and click on the [Save Note] button to add a comment entry. Note that the history of comment logs will appear below the text box. These logs will also include actions associated with the report such as when the report was approved and who received the report via email.

Files: Upload files associated with the report such as a police report or related reports. Also note that previous versions of the report are stored as PDFs in the Files tab. Anytime the current report form is modified a PDF of the previous version will be stored here for reference.

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