How to Write Checkpoints From Mobile (Android Guard Tour)

Updated Apr 17, 2018

The ability to write checkpoints is permission based. This option may not be available to all officers in the field. If the steps shown below are not available, it is likely due to the permissions granted to the officer. Any checkpoint options active for the site (or zone) will be available when writing a new checkpoint.

Write a New Checkpoint

Checkpoints can be written at the site using the mobile application. This works for both NFC and barcode checkpoints. It is often easiest to write them while installing the checkpoints on-site. If barcodes are already installed at the site, the information collected will then be transmitted back to the checkpoint information in the site profile.

Begin by selecting the View All Checkpoints option from the Checkpoint icon menu. This will pull the complete list of checkpoints created for this location.

Select the Checkpoint From the List

Click on the checkpoint you would like to write. You will then be presented with the option to setup up the checkpoint as a barcode or NFC token.

Note - Both NFC tokens and barcodes can be used in the same tour

Write the Checkpoint and Confirm

Setup NFC Checkpoint: When you setup an NFC checkpoint the screen will provide a picture with instructions to place the device over the top of the NFC token. Place the device over the NFC token to write the checkpoint information to the NFC token.

Setup barcode Checkpoint: Barcode checkpoints will open the camera on the device. Focus the camera over the barcode until the device confirms the checkpoint was written.

Setup GPS Checkpoint: See How To Create GPS Checkpoints

In both cases make sure the "Tag is now written" message appears at the bottom of the device when it returns to the list of checkpoints.

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