How to Perform Tours / Scan Checkpoints

Updated Apr 15, 2018

Tours can be performed randomly or they may follow a schedule. Scheduled tour will provide a notification on the device when they are scheduled. Checkpoints can be scanned in any order and may be an NFC token, barcode or GPS location. NFC will automatically scan, but both the barcode and GPS options will need to triggered by clicking on the scan button for either option.

Checkpoint Menu Options

Note: Options presented in the Checkpoint menu will differ based on the permission level of the user. For example, admins will have the ability to write checkpoints, whereas officers will only have the ability to scan checkpoints.

  1. Start a tour (View active tour): Access the list of tours available for a site. This is the option officers will select to start a tour during their shift or return to an active tour.
  2. Tour Schedules: View the list of scheduled tours for a site.
  3. View All Checkpoints: View a list of all checkpoints available at a location. Admins will select this option to write checkpoints.
  4. Scan a Barcode: NFC tokens will automatically scan. This allows an officer to get information about a checkpoint by scanning the barcode.
  5. GPS Scan: Another option to scan a checkpoint is associating a GPS location to a checkpoint so when the officer reaches a certain proximity to the checkpoint it will scan.
  6. Reload Settings: Refresh the settings for the site checkpoints. If new checkpoints are added or modified during while an officer is clocked-in, the officer may need to Reload Settings to get the list of updated checkpoints and tours.

Support Types of Checkpoints

Support Types of Checkpoints

The Checkpoint menu on the new version of the application will provide officers the ability to scan bar codes, QR Codes, NFC Token or GPS checkpoints.

Scan a NFC or Bar Code Checkpoint

Scan a NFC or Barcode Checkpoint

NFC Tokens: NFC tokens are scanned by placing the back of device over the top of the NFC token.

Barcodes: To scan a barcode checkpoint click on the [Scan Barcode] button in the lower right-hand corner. This will open the camera on the device. Focus the camera on the barcode to scan the checkpoint.

Note - The NFC antenna is located in a specific spot on the device. In some cases it may be necessary to move the device over the top of the NFC token to scan it.

Scan a GPS Checkpoint

Now that everything is configured test the checkpoint.

  1. Click on the Checkpoint icon.
  2. Select the "Start a tour" option from the check menu and then select the tour from the list of tours.
  3. If a checkpoint is setup for GPS, it will have a note under the name of the checkpoint. To scan the GPS checkpoint, click on the name of the checkpoint.
  4. The GPS window will open to show all checkpoints that are within range. Click on the name of the checkpoint you would like to scan. The application will scan the checkpoint.

Confirm the Scan

Confirm the Scan

You should receive a notification that the checkpoint was scanned. The tour should reflect that the GPS scan completed the checkpoint.

Scan an Exception Verification Checkpoint

Scan an Exception Verification Checkpoint

In the Dashboard there is the option to create Exception Verification checkpoints. These checkpoints will prompt the officer to answer a question. The checkpoints can be configured to automatically create incident logs and trigger notifications. Exceptions can be set for a Yes/No response or for a range. For example in the image below the temperature provided by the officer will reference the acceptable range of temperatures. If the officer provides a value outside of that range, the response can create an incident log for a maintenance issue and notify the building superintendent.

Starting a Tour (View active tour)

Starting a Tour (View active tour)
  1. Select the tour you will be performing - Note that if you are resuming a tour you will automatically go to the device displayed furthest to the right with your tour progress saved.
  2. Click "Ok" - Note that a tour will remain opened and active until it is closed. You can back out of a tour at any time and resume it later.
  3. Finish Tour - Always click on this button when you are finished with a tour. A warning message will be prompted if a tour is ended with checkpoints left unscanned.

Notice how the red caution symbol next to each checkpoint changes to a green check mark circle after the checkpoint has been scanned during a tour.

Enter the Required Comment For an Incomplete Tour

Enter the Required Comment For an Incomplete Tour

Every time an officer ends a tour without scanning all of the checkpoints, TrackTik will prompt a text box where the officer must provide an explanation for ending the tour prematurely. The comment entered by the officer will appear in the tour report. You can find the report either on the Live Dashboard or by clicking on "Operation Reports""then "Patrol Tours"

View Scheduled Tours at the Site

View Scheduled Tours at the Site
  1. View the time a tour is scheduled to be performed. A late tour will have the red caution symbol next to the name of the tour. Each tour listed will also show when the tour was last performed and the name of the officer that performed the tour.
  2. Tours that are scheduled to begin in the future will have the blue information circle symbol next to them.

Reload Settings and Scan Bar Code

Reload Settings and Scan Barcode

Reload Settings: Refresh the list of checkpoints available at a site. If any checkpoints have been recently added or modified, reloading the settings will ensure the current list and checkpoint configurations are up to date. The application will require data connectivity to reload settings.

Scan Barcode: Officers can scan NFC tokens at anytime while using the mobile application. This can be helpful if any officer needs to remind themselves of the information for a specific checkpoint. The Scan Barcode option will do the same thing, but application will need to be prompted to open the camera and read a barcode.

Completing a Tour Within a Run Sheet

Tours can be performed as a part of a run sheet where mobile officers are scheduled for reoccurring events such as regular visits to a client site. Generally run sheet is a list of jobs organized in a temporal sequence.

  1. Pick the site you wish to request a checkpoint tour within run sheet
  2. Choose [Mobile Dispatch]
  3. Under [Job Settings& Instructions] menu item
  4. Choose the job type (i.e. Roving Vehicle Patrol), Click [Edit Instructions]
  5. Ensure to choose the tour that applies from the drop-down via [Request a checkpoint tour]
  1. Mobile officer starts the run sheet
  2. Mobile officer changes the statuses and eventually arrives on site.
  3. Arriving on site will sign the officer to the site bringing all site related information
  4. A notification will pop-up requiring the officer to complete the tour.
  5. Tour starts within run sheet displaying all the checkpoints which need to be scanned
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