How to Access / Use Incident Analytics

Updated Apr 15, 2018

Incident analytics provides a high level view of incidents reported on the property. Each incident report automatically populates data into the charts shown. Here the data can be viewed and manipulated to provide insight into incident occurrence trends.

Access the Incident Analytics for a Site

Incident analytics are available at the site and zone level. This example looks like the site level, but the same options are available in the zone menu. Begin by accessing the section of the site profile for incident analytics:

  1. From the Live Dashboard, click on the "Sites (Client)" tile on the left-hand side menu. From the site list, select the site profile by clicking on the name of the site or the [View] button.
  2. Once in the "Overview" tab of the site profile, click on the "Operations Reports" tab.
  3. Under the "Summaries" menu, click on "Incident Analytics".

View the Preset Analytics Reports

View the Preset Analytics Reports

Each of the icons on the left-hand side of the charts represents a different preset chart. A description for each icon is in the image above.

Create a Custom Analytics View

Create a Custom Analytics View

The preset charts can be modified to show custom views of the incident data. To create a custom view follow the instructions below.

  1. Use the top-left drop-down menu to select the first variable for the charts. The drop-down will display all available options.
  2. Use the next drop-down to select the second variable. In both drop-down menus, the same options will appear.
  3. Choose the method of measurement. Typically this is the count of incidents that match the criteria but other options such as Ave and Sum are available.
  4. Select which incident priority levels will be included. The option selected will limit the data to only include incident reports that include incident type that matches the selected priority level.
  5. Apply a date range using one of the preset options or create a custom date range. Click on the [Apply] button after selection.
  6. Enter keywords (optional) to only include reports that mention the keywords.
  7. Click on the [Filter] button to create the custom view.

Drill Down to View Reports From a Chart

The charts in the incident analytics can be used to drill down to view specific reports. The reports shown provide the data for the selected section of the chart. In the example above, the "Unsecured Door" incident type was select. The reports shown below all recorded the "Unsecure Door" incident type and they fall with the date range selected above the charts. To drill down and view reports:

  1. Click on the area of the chart that represents the data. This will prompt a panel from the bottom of the screen to display each individual report that comprised the data in the selected area.
  2. From here reports can be viewed by clicking on the [View] button. Other options include the ability to download a PDF version of the report or email the report as an attachment.

The reports in incident analytics can be printed out any time. Click on the [Print] button and the system will generate a printable PDF booklet of the reports in the incident analytics section.

Example of Analytics Print Out

Example of Analytics Print Out

The pages shown above were separated to show the contents of the analytics report. This normally prints in a booklet of sequential pages.

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