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Updated Aug 15, 2016

Note that the functionality in the on-site application is linked to the role and permission granted to an officer. Certain modules are also add-on products that affect the look of the interface. In some cases not all of the items shown will be available to officers.

Overview of On-Site Dashboard

Overview of On-Site Dashboard

The On-Site dashboard will look different depending on your permission level. The example shown above demonstrates the full range of functionality available through the On-Site dashboard. Most often this view is reserved for supervisors or account managers.

  1. Live Dashboard: The On-Site dashboard will open to the Live Dashboard tab. The Live Dashboard displays real-time operational data including information about reports and tours completed at the site.
  2. View Reports: Browse the history of reports completed at this site. View Reports will include reports written through the On-Site dashboard as well as any reports completed on a mobile device at the site.
  3. Shift Reports: All activities completed by officers are compiled into Shift Reports (similar to DAR - Daily Activity Reports). Access the history of Shift Reports in this tab.
  4. Post Orders: View the Post Orders for this site.
  5. Completed Tours: Tour reports are automatically created every time an officer completes a tour. The Completed Tours tab stores the history of tour reports for this site.
  6. Report Analytics: View trends in incident occurrences at the site. Report Analytics will show which areas of the property experience the most activity as well as the types of incidents reported most often on the site.
  7. Settings: Access the configuration options for the site. Settings will provide supervisors access to create site locations, checkpoints and tours, emergency contacts, and the ability to create new post orders.
  8. Site Employees: Supervisors will have access to edit employee information, add new employees to the site, and change their password.
  9. Live Feed: This is a live feed of all activities as they happen at the site. This includes performing tours, scanning checkpoints, clocking-in and out, and completing report forms.
  10. Scheduled Tours: View the list of scheduled tours for this site. Indicators will show which tours are current and which tours are late/overdue.
  11. Portal Access: Supervisors will have the ability to create/revoke client's access to the client portal for this site.
  12. Create Report: The Create Report tab shows all of the report forms available at this site. Here you will be able to write new reports.
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