How to Log Payments / View Outstanding Invoices / Add a Credit Memo

Updated Feb 11, 2020

The Outstanding Invoices section shows all invoices that have been paid or have an outstanding invoice. In this section payments can be logged to invoices and the balance of each invoice can be viewed. Invoices can also be edited here for any last minute changes or requests from the client.

Access the Outstanding Invoices

Access the Outstanding Invoices

Outstanding invoices lists all of the invoices that are awaiting payment. In this list, admins can view the Balance, Due Date and Aging Status of outstanding invoices.

Log a Payment to an Invoice

When a payment is logged it needs to be allocated to the correct invoice. Locate the invoice in the "Outstanding Invoices" section and log payments received to invoices accordingly. To log a new payment:

  1. Click on the [Pay] button in the row of the desired invoice.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the invoice that the payment will be applied to. The drop-down menu will show all open invoices for the client.
  3. Select the method of payment from the "Payment Type" drop-down menu. Adjust the payment amount as needed and verify the issue date at the bottom.
  4. Click on the [Save] button to log the payment.

View All Payments Logged

The "Payments" section in the billing menu will keep logs for all payments. Payments show which invoice they were applied to as a well as the user that added the payment.

Create a Credit Memo

Credit Memos can be created when clients over pay for services. These memos can then be added to future invoices to settle the balance with clients. To create a credit memo:

  1. Access the site by going to [Sites (Client)].
  2. Select the [Billing] tab.
  3. Click the [Credit] button for the invoice you would like to credit.
  4. Modify information as needed, or leave all existing values to credit the entire invoice with the same information as on the original invoice.
  5. Click on the [Save] button to create the credit memo.

Note: For more information on issuing credit memos, see Invoice Adjustments (Credit Memos)

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