How to Validate an Invoice / Correct Validation Errors

Updated Feb 11, 2020

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Based on the services provided to the client, invoices will automatically generate on a regular cycle. The system uses information from the contract, jobs completed by officers and hours to validate whether the work performed matches the agreement from the client's contract. The validation process acts as a filter to capture any potential inaccuracies in the invoices generated from contracts.

Access Invoices to Prepare in Billing

Validation errors can prevent invoices from being prepared. Access the list of invoices to prepare to locate any invoices that need to be prepare and are stopped by validation errors.

  1. From the Live Dashboard, click on the "Billing" tab.
  2. In the billing menu, select the "Prepare Invoice" menu option.

Access Validation Errors for an Invoice

Validation errors can occur for a number of reasons. Most often they show in relation to shifts that have not been approved or missing billing information. For example, the bill rate for a position (post) or an officer may be missing. The system will not know how to correctly bill those hours. To generate invoice all validation errors must be corrected. Note that invoices which contain validation errors will note "Validation Errors" as the status of the invoice. To access the validation errors for one of these invoices:

  1. From the billing menu, select the "Prepare invoice" option.
  2. Click on the [Preview] button for the invoice with the validation errors.
  3. Select the "Validation Errors" option from the invoice menu.

Make a note of the validation errors presented. Correcting validation errors will require an understanding of what is producing the errors.

Types of Validation Errors

Types of Validation Errors

There are three different types of validation errors. Not every type must be addressed to generate a new invoice.

INFO: Any of the validation errors with the info type are not critical. Typically these are just notes to provide a better understand of the services billed on the invoice.

WARNING: Warnings will not stop an invoice from being validated. Rather warnings show an inconsistency between what is generating on the invoice versus what is expected to be on the invoice. In the example above, the invoice has several line items that have a quantity of zero. In some cases this can show that shifts or jobs performed were not approved, but it can simply mean the jobs or shifts were never worked. Since this is simply an inconsistency the system will still allow the invoice to be generated.

ERROR: Errors note critical information that is missing from the invoice. These must be corrected before the invoice can be generated as invoice will be incomplete or incorrect without the data.

Correct Validation Errors for an Invoice

In the previous screen the validation errors were related to "Shift is not approved." In this case the issue is that shifts scheduled do not have the hours worked approved. To resolve this issue:

  1. Click on the "Schedules" menu option in the invoice menu.
  2. Make sure each shift has a value in the "Approved" column. Even if the approved hours are zero, this allows the system to calculate a billing value for each shift. The lack of information is what prompts the validation error.

Other Examples and Resolutions for Validation Errors

Other Examples and Resolutions for Validation Errors

Validation errors are often related to jobs worked, hours approved or bill rates. Each of these items can be accessed and corrected from the invoice menu. Below is a description of the different resolutions based on the validation error.

  1. Schedules: Resolve issues related to shifts such as approving hours worked and missed shifts.
  2. Mobile Patrols: Resolve issues related to incomplete jobs or jobs that were never completed.
  3. Post Settings: Most commonly issues related to hourly bill rates or officer bill rates can be corrected here by viewing the billing rules for the position (post) the officer worked.
  4. Patrol Settings: Typically resolves issues related to bill rates and schedule of mobile service jobs.

Re-Validate the Invoice

Once the validation errors have been corrected the invoice can be re-validated. This time the invoice will update and pass validation. This will change the status of the invoice to "Ready to Process" indicating the invoice does not require further edits.

Verify the Details in the Invoice Preview

After the invoice has been re-validated the "Preview" menu option will provide a summary of the items that will be added to the invoice. Verify the information in the "Preview" section looks correct before proceeding with the invoice.

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