How to Prepare / Edit an Invoice

Updated Feb 11, 2020

The system will automatically generate invoices based on the services provided to the client. Mobile jobs, hours logged and recurrent items provide the rules for what will be included in the invoice. This will provide a draft of the invoice that needs to be validated before it can be prepared. Once the invoice has been cleared of validation errors, it can be created and distributed to the client.

Invoice Lifecycle

Invoice Lifecycle

Each invoices follow path through different statuses. At each point in the invoice lifecycle certain actions are required for the invoice to pass to the next status. Once an invoice reaches the final status, "Approved," it is available to be distributed to clients.

Not Processed: Based on the billing cycle an invoice should be created for the client. At this point no work has been done on the invoice and the next step requires the items on the invoice to be validated. If the system sense conflicts or finds information missing from the invoice, it will be assigned to the "Validation Errors" status. If no errors are found the invoice will go to the "Ready to Process" status.

Validation Errors: There is information missing or potential conflicts with the items included. These errors must be resolved before an invoice can be created.

Ready to Process: The invoice has passed validation, but a draft has not yet been created. Once a draft is created the invoice will move to the "Draft" status.

Draft: The draft has passed validation and requires approval before it can be distributed to clients.

Approved: At this point the invoice is complete and ready to distribute to the client.

Note that at certain points it is possible to perform multiple actions such as approving and distributing an invoice.

Identifying the Status of an Invoice

Identifying the Status of an Invoice

The status of the invoice will be noted in the status column. If the invoice is in the "Draft" or "Approved" status a draft of the invoice has been created. Note that the draft can be viewed and edited by clicking on the buttons to the right of the status. The draft can also be deleted by clicking on the [X] button.

The actions available for the invoice will depend on current status of the invoice.

Access Invoices to Prepare in Billing

Access the list of invoices to prepare to locate any invoices that are ready to be prepared as well as those stopped by validation errors.

  1. From the Live Dashboard, click on the "Billing" tab.
  2. In the billing menu, select the "Prepare Invoice" menu option.

Access and Verify Invoice Details

If the invoice does not have any validation errors, the system will allow the invoice to be approved right away. This is true for all invoices in the "Draft" status. Clicking the [Create & Edit] button will allow you to create a draft of the invoice and edit the draft. Once the draft is approved is it ready to be processed and distributed. To access an invoice with the invoice details follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the [Preview] button for the invoice.
  2. The icon and numbers above the invoice details show the total of the current and previous invoice. For clients that have regular recurrent services, these two should match.
  3. The items listed below show the individual items that will be included in the invoice.

Edit the Invoice Manually

Edit the Invoice Manually

While most of the information for the invoice is automatically populated from the jobs and hours worked by officers, the line items in the invoice can be edited as needed. To edit a draft of an invoice:

  1. Click on the [Edit] button in the invoice menu.
  2. Use the drop-down to select the line item and enter details about the item in the "Description" field.
  3. Adjust the quantity and bill rate for the item as needed and check the check box if the item should be taxed.
  4. (Optional) Add a note to the invoice in the "Memo" field.
  5. Once all of the required modifications have been made, click on the [Save Invoice] button to save the changes.

Approve the Invoice

Approve the Invoice

Once the invoice is approved it can be distributed to client. The invoice can also be distributed as part of the approval process. To approve an invoice:

  1. Click on the [Approve Invoice] button.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the approval action.
  3. Click on the [Save] button to approve the invoice.

Verify Distribution Method for the Invoice

Verify Distribution Method for the Invoice

After viewing the details of the invoice, verify the distribution method for the invoice. The distribution method included the preference for how the invoice will be sent and the recipients of the invoice. The article on setting distribution method has more information on modifying these settings. For this step, simply verify that the information looks correct. To verify invoice distribution method:

  1. Select the "Preferences" option from the invoice menu.
  2. Click on the "On/Off" switch for each desired distribution method. Email is automated through the system and is the recommended option whenever possible.
  3. Select the "Account Contacts" to view which site contacts will be receiving the invoice.

Distribute the Invoice

To distribute the invoice:

  1. Click on the [Distribute Invoice] button.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select the preferred distribution action.
  3. Confirm the email address and click on the "Email me a copy" option to receive a copy of the invoice.
  4. Click on the [Save] button to distribute the invoice.
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