How to Use Settings Option (iOS)

Updated Sep 07, 2016

Settings: Menu Options

Settings: Menu Options
  1. Change Password: Officer's can change their password from mobile application or in the Live Dashboard. Note - Admins will always have the ability to change an officer's password.
  2. Reload Phone Settings: Force the device to reinstall the application. If a device has been transferred from one site to another, the Reload Phone Settings will reinstall the application with the new assignment for the device.
  3. System Upload Status: When the device is working in Off-Line mode all data is stored locally to the device. System Upload Status will show which data is currently in the upload queue while the device is off-line. Once the device hears a connection, everything in the queue will be automatically uploaded.
  4. System Diagnostic: If the mobile application does not seem to be working correctly, System Diagnostics can help identify the problem by performing a quick check-up.
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