How to Trigger the Panic Button (iOS)

Updated Sep 07, 2016

Manually Trigger Panic Button

The new Panic Button can be activated manually or it can be triggered by shaking the device. To manually trigger the Panic Button follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Panic Button. This will begin a 5 second countdown to send a panic notification.
  2. Once the countdown begins officers can cancel the panic notifications by click on the [Click to Cancel] button.
  3. The [Call] button will open the call feature on the device and automatically dial the emergency number listed in your dashboard (Settings > General > Emergency Number)
  4. The [Siren] button allows officers to deactivate the audio siren produced by the device when a panic is triggered.
  5. When the panic notification is sent a pop-up window will remind officers to follow up with authorities.
  6. The device will display a confirmation that the panic notification was sent.

Shake to Trigger Panic Button

The Panic Button can also be trigger by quickly shaking the device back at forth. This will follow the same process as manually selecting the Panic Button. However, since shaking the device may happen involuntarily, the countdown to send the panic notification allows 18 seconds for the officer to deactivate.

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