How to Access / Complete Tasks (iOS)

Updated Sep 07, 2016

Tasks: Viewing and Updating Assigned Tasks

Tasks: Viewing and Updating Assigned Tasks

Tasks is essentially a list of the tasks that have been assigned to an officer from the Live Dashboard. To view the details of a task or begin working on the task, click on the tasks from the Opened Jobs List and follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate: If the address from the site has been included, the [Navigate] button will open Google maps and show the route from the current location to the site location.
  2. Fill Up Report: Access and fill out the report form included with the task or work order.
  3. Change Status: Tasks have a status of "New Job" until the officer views the task and changes the status to: received, on my way, or completed.
  4. Patrol Complete: Click the [Patrol Complete] button when you are done to remove the task from your list.

Dispatch can reopen a job and send it back to the officer if it is not completed to the client's satisfaction.

Note - The Start Time Clock field is not shown. Start Time Clock allows officers to mark when they begin working for any tasks or job orders that are being billed to a client.

Tasks: Adding Comments

Tasks: Adding Comments
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