Overview of the Mobile Application Overview (iOS)

Updated Sep 07, 2016

This section reviews the functionality of the mobile application through the user interface.

Mobile Application Overview: Logging-in

Mobile Application Overview: Logging-in

To login and access the mobile application enter your username and pasword.

  1. Username or Email: Type in your username.
  2. Password: Enter your case-sensitive password.
  3. Sign-In: Once you have provided your username and password, click on the [Sign In] button to punch-in and access the mobile application.

Once you have signed-in to the mobile application you will have the option to clock-in for a shift or use the application without clocking in. You will need to clock-in, if you will need a shift report for activities performed on the device.

Note - You will need data connectivity to login to the mobile application.

Mobile Application Overview: Mobile Interface

Mobile Application Overview: Mobile Interface
  1. Time Clock: Clock-in and out of your shift.
  2. Sites: When devices are assigned to a zone the "Sites" icon will appear. This will allow officers to sign-in to different sites in their zone.
  3. Checkpoint: Begin a new tour or resume your current tour. The checkpoint icon will allow admins to write checkpoints as well.
  4. Runsheets:
  5. Reports & Logs: Access the list of report forms available at a site.
  6. Dispatch Tasks: Access the list of tasks that have been assigned to you. Update tasks to show progress as you work through assigned tasks.
  7. Message Board: View site messages that have been posted by officers, managers and clients.
  8. Post & Escalation Orders: View the post orders for the site you are currently signed into.
  9. Visitor Log: This icon is available with Visitor Management (icon may not be present if your organization is not using Visitor Management). From here you can log and search visitors.
  10. Notifications: The Notifications tab will show officers the tasks, messages and post orders they have not viewed.
  11. Panic Button: The Panic button can be triggered by pushing the panic button. There is also an option to trigger a panic notification by shaking the device (this option may not be available if you organization has disabled the shake-to-panic option)
  12. Emergency Contacts: Quickly access the list of emergency contacts for the site you are currently signed into.
  13. Flashlight: An essential tool for every officer (not covered).
  14. CCTV: Access CCTV IP camera feeds for a site.
  15. Schedules: View your scheduled shifts.
  16. Watch Mode: Recommended for interventions, Watch Mode allows you to capture video of any situation.
  17. Settings: Basic settings options such as changing your password or PIN, reload settings or run diagnostics.
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