How to Use the Billing Dashboard

Updated Feb 11, 2020

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The Billing dashboard is divided into segments providing admins an overview of billing and receivables. The information in this section provides a current snapshot of billing operations as well as projections and billing history.

View the Dashboard Tiles

Access the Billing Dashboard by clicking on the "Billing" tab from the Live Dashboard. There is a series of tiles provided across the top of the Billing Dashboard, summarizing details of important data, including:

To Prepare        Tile displays the total number of invoices waiting to be prepared.

Receivables       Total of the receivables for the based on the invoices currently generated.

Month-to-Date   Revenue for the month to date.

Past Due            The number of invoices that are currently past due.

Ending Contracts The number of contracts coming to an end

Billing Dashboard Panels

Billing Dashboard Panels

There is also four sub-panels included in the Billing Dashboard that provide summary information:

  • Sales-to-Date: Receivables for all invoices by date range.
  • Top 10 Clients: List of the 10 clients generating the most revenue for the company.
  • Sale Per Type: Revenue by service type or job description.
  • Aging Summary: Invoices by their status as current, late and past due.
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