How to Access Employee Report and Tour History

Updated Feb 11, 2020

Every employee profile keeps a work history of all activities completed by an employee. These activities can be viewed and audited at any time in the employee's profile. The records here will include all activities completed by the officer as well as any reports that mention the officer's name.

Employee Report and Tour History: Security & Patrol

Security & Patrol will provide the work history for an employee. This will include all field reports, shift reports and tours performed. Begin by accessing the officer's profile. Click on the "Employees" tile from the Live Dashboard and select the employee from the list by clicking on their name or the [View] button.

Once viewing the officer's profile, click on the "Security & Patrol" tab to access the employee's work history.

  1. Reports: By default you will be viewing Reports when you click on the Security & Patrol tab. This is the complete history of field reports written by this officer.
  2. Report Mentions: Officers can be tagged in report using the Employee List field (See Settings > Patrol Reports). Anytime an officer is mentioned in a report, the report will be stored in their profile under the Report Mentions.
  3. Shift Reports: These are the Summary or Daily Activity Reports for this officer.
  4. Tours: The complete history of tour reports for this officer.
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