How to Access Employee GPS Tracks History

Updated Feb 11, 2020

TrackTik stores a GPS breadcrumb history for every employee using a mobile device. This view includes the officers location over time as well as the location of activities completed by the officer. This can also be effective for confirming that officers are clocking-in at the site.

Access GPS Tracks for an Employee

Access GPS Tracks for an Employee

Employee GPS tracks can be accessed from the Live Dashboard for any officer that is actively clocked-in. The employee profile will store the history of GPS breadcrumbs for the officer. The access an officer GPS breadcrumb history complete the steps below.

  1. Click on the [Employees] tile from the Live Dashboard. Once viewing the list of employees, locate the employee and click on their name or the [View] button to access the officer's profile.
  2. In the [Overview] tab, locate and click on the [Tracks] button.

This will prompt the GPS Track Panel. Instructions for reading and using this panel are in the next step.

Reading the GPS Track Panel

Reading the GPS Track Panel

The GPS timeline can be navigating clicking and holding to back the timeline forward and back. There are three different timeline shown in the track panel, which provides flexibility to scroll by minute, hour or day. Two different items will appear on the timeline:

Green Lines: The green lines represent the GPS pings over time. Click on these at any point to see where the officer was at that time.

Red Dots: The red dots represent activities performed by the officer. Click on these to see where a specific activity was completed. In some cases, like reports, a summary of the activity can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the name of the activity in the officer's tile on the map.


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