How to Terminate / Reinstate an Employee

Updated Feb 11, 2020

If an employee is no longer with the company they can be terminated effectively removing them from the list of active employees and blocking their access to the system. Returning employees can always be reinstated. This ensures their work history is preserved and no records of their activities are ever lost.

Terminate an Employee

  1. Access the employee list by clicking on the [Employees] tile. Locate the employee from the employee list and click on the employees name or the [View] button.
  2. Click on the [Terminate] button in the employee's profile.
  3. Select the last day of work for the employee and add comments about the reason for termination.
  4. Click on the [Save] button to complete the termination.

View the List of Terminated Employees

View the List of Terminated Employees

By default the employee list will filter to only show active employees. Once an employee is terminated they are moved to the terminated list. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the employee list to set the filter to Terminated in order to view all terminated employees.

Reinstate a Terminated Employee

Click on the [RE-ACTIVATE] button in the terminated employee's profile. Add notes to document the reason for reinstating the employee. Last, click on the [Save] button to move the employee back to active status.

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