How to Add an Employee Picture

Updated Feb 11, 2020

Each employee has a profile. Employee pictures can be added to profiles to personalize the experience in TrackTik. These will also appear in the activity feed and other areas of the system. This is a simple way to create a more personal experience for staff and client accessing the system.

Add an Employee Picture Using the Webcam

You can add a picture to the officer's profile with the [Snap Picture] button. This option will use the camera on your computer to take a picture. Have the officer sit in front of the screen and complete the steps below.

  1. Find the employee profile from the employee list. Click on the "Employees" tile to access the employee list.
  2. Click on the [Snap Picture] button.
  3. Click on the [Allow] button to grant the system permission to access the camera on the computer.

Capture the Picture From the Webcam

Click on the camera icon to take the picture. When you are satisfied click on the [Save] button to add the picture to the officer's profile.

Add an Employee Picture From an Existing File (Upload Option)

  1. Click on the [Edit] tab in the employee's profile.
  2. Click on the tab for [Other Fields].
  3. Click on Logo or picture. Select the file you would like to upload for an employee's picture. Once you are finished click on the [Save] button.
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