How to Create / Edit Employees

Updated Feb 12, 2020

The list of Employees should reflect all users accessing TrackTik. This includes officers, managers and admin staff. Each Employee will need a unique Username and password. It is recommended that a naming convention be applied for Usernames. This helps standardize users and makes it easier for officers to remember their login credentials. Common naming conventions include the officer's badge number, first initial + last name, personal Email address or some combination of information in the employee's profile.

How to Create a New Employee

The Employee List will show all Employees currently working at your branch.

  1. Hover your mouse over the Employees tile. From the pop-out menu select the [Employees] option to access the Employee list.
  2. Click on the [+ New Employee] button above the Employee List.

How to Add The Employee's Information

Adding Employee Information
  1. General Information: The Employee's general information such as First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Etc. Please make sure to provide a Username and password for all employees.
  2. Address: Optional information about the Employee.
  3. Roles and Permissions: Click the switch beside the appropriate permission level. The Role/Permission level selected will determine what the Employee can access in TrackTik.
  4. Other Fields: Add a picture of the Employee and other information.

Once you have completed the form, click the [Save Employee] button to add the Employee to your branch.

Employees can use their Username or Email address to login.

How to Edit an Employee's Profile Information

The information in an Employee's profile can be edited at any time. Follow the steps below to edit an Employee's profile information.

  1. From the Live Dashboard, click on the "Employees" tile to access the Employees list. Select the Employee from the list by clicking the name of the Employee or by clicking on the [View] button.
  2. Select the "Edit" tab from the Employee's profile.
  3. The Employee's profile information is separated into four categories. Select the category from the "Categories" menu.
  4. Modify the information on the screen as need and click on the [Save Employee] button to save the changes.
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