How to Create / Schedule Checkpoint Tours

Updated Apr 15, 2018

Once all your Checkpoints are created, you have the option of grouping them as part of a Tour. This tour will guide the user through a series of Checkpoints to scan throughout the site,  whether it is indoors or outdoors. 

Please note, you can create multiple tours for one site grouping some or all your Checkpoints, depending on the needs of your client and how frequently an area needs to be patrolled. (hours, days, weeks or months)

In order to start creating a Tour, you have to navigate to a Site,  click on the Security and Patrol tab. From there, select Tour Routes from the menu on the left.

How to Create Tour Routes

To create a new tour click on the [Create a Tour Route] button. A pop-up window will show the configuration options for the Tour Route. 

How to Configure a Tour Route

Complete the information in the pop-up window. 

Description:  Type in the name of the Tour. This information will be displayed on the device for the officers to know which tour to select. 

Assigned to:  Assign the tour to a specific post or leave it available to be performed by all officers at the site.

Special Instructions: Type in extra information you wish to provide to the officer selecting the tour. These instructions will display under the name of the tour on the mobile device.

Estimated Tour Duration (minutes): Allocate a number of minutes to the tour. Please note, this information is used as a reference only, it will help validate if the officer performed the tour in a reasonable amount of time. 

Grace Period For Late Notification (minutes):  The grace period is set to allow the officer a buffer of time before they start their scheduled tour. That buffer will ensure a late tour notification won't be sent out if the officer was held up for a few minutes before starting the scheduled tour. Please note, if the grace period is set to 0, it will give 15 minutes by default. 

Recurrence Type: Choose the Tour schedule recurrence to be weekly or monthly.

Tour Schedule: Plan for the tour to be scheduled on any specific day at any specific hour by putting a green check mark on the schedule. Please note, the check marks placed in the Tour Schedule will set notifications for officers to begin the tour as well as trigger late tour notifications, according to the grace period in place.

Once you have completed the form click on the [Save] button.

How to assign Checkpoints to a tour

To add Checkpoints to a tour route click on the [Manage Checkpoints] button. In the pop-up window drag & drop the list of available Checkpoints to the box on the right labeled Tour Checkpoints. This will pair the Checkpoint to this tour route. The complete list of site Checkpoints is available for each tour you create.

Checkpoint can belong to multiple tours.

How to Edit and Deactivate a tour

A Tour route can be modified at any time. To do so, you have to return to the configuration option of a tour by clicking on the [Edit Settings] button. If the tour is no longer in use by officers you can change the Status to "Deactivated." This will remove the tour from the list of tour available to officers on their mobile device.

Click on the [Save] button to save any edits you made to a tour.

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