How to Add Conditional Report Fields (Sub-Forms)

Updated Apr 16, 2018

Each incident category can have conditional fields. This allows a single incident report form to expand with additional fields based on the incident selected. For example, an Assault incident type could populate additional fields with pictures and witness statements. Whereas a maintenance may not require additional information. Fields added to the sub-form, for a specific incident, will populate into the report form when that specific incident is selected.

Create an Incident Sub-Form

Sub-Forms are a way to create dynamic incident reports. The fields created in a sub-form will populate into the incident report when an officer selects the incident category. This is a way to create incident specific reports with conditional fields that customize the report based on the officers selection. To create a sub-form for an incident category follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure you are viewing the Incident Categories list.
  2. Find the incident category that requires a sub-form. Click on the [Sub-Form] button next to the desired incident category.
  3. Add the fields that need to populate the report when this incident category is selected.
  4. After creating each field, click on the [Save] button to add the field to the sub-form.

Sub-Form Example

Sub-Form Example

When officers select an incident category the incident report will automatically populate any of the fields included in that incident category's sub-form. Using the incident category from the previous step, we can see that the fields from the sub-form populate into the report asking the officer for more information.

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