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Updated Feb 11, 2020

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Payroll is auto-generated based on TrackTik System payroll cycle and employee pay settings. For both dedicated guarding and mobile patrols, payroll is generated based on the approved shifts. Settings including the Payroll Schedule, are configured under the System’s settings. Other settings that impact payroll include Holiday Groups, Overtime Rules and Employee pay rates.

Concept of Payroll Generation

Concept of Payroll Generation

Payroll is generated in TrackTik based on the rules defined in the back office settings, employee profile and position profile.

Concept of Pay Rates

A default employee pay rate can be set in the BackOffice Default settings, this would be overwritten with pay rate set in the Employee’s HR profile. In addition, if a pay rate is set directly at the Position of a site this overrides the employee’s pay rate. If a pay rate is set at the shift level, this in turn overrides the rate set at the position.

Summary of pay rate priorities:

  1. Shift pay rate is highest priority.
  2. Position is the next priority.
  3. Site pay rate is the next priority.
  4. Employee HR profile pay rate.
  5. System default pay rate.

Concept of Overtime Rules

Default Overtime rules are set for the system and this is applied to all employees. A different overtime rule can be applied to an Employee’s HR profile.

Concept of Holiday Groups

A Holiday Group, if applicable, is applied to a position or mobile patrol group. Holiday groups are created/managed from within the BackOffice settings.

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