How to Manage Employee Profiles

Updated Feb 11, 2020

For TrackTik to generate the payroll it is necessary to set the employees’ pay rates. If the default payroll schedule/overtime rules will not be used, the alternative is set here as well. If not specified, the one set as the default in the BackOffice settings is applied.

Employee Profile Overview

How to Assign Payroll Schedule and Payroll Settings to an Employee’s profile

There are several ways to access an employee’s profile but for this example we use the HR & Payroll tab of the Dashboard. It is also from here that you will manage the employees’ settings, including Employee Type, Overtime Rule, Pay Type and Pay Rate. Note that if the employee needs to be assigned to a different payroll schedule, for example contractors, this is set in the Employee’s HR profile as well.

  1. From the TrackTik Live Dashboard, select the tab labeled HR & Payroll.
  2. Next select the Employees tab.
  3. Click on the [Setting] button next to the employee whose HR profile is to be modified. The Employee’s panel will load.
  4. Select the Payroll Settings option from left menu.
  5. If appropriate, select the Pay Schedule to be used for this employee. If not already set configure the other Employee’s settings. This includes the Employee Type, Overtime Rule, Pay Type and Pay Rate. Once complete click on the [Save Profile] button.
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