How to Create Bill Items

Updated Feb 11, 2020

Bill items are assigned to Dedicated Guarding, Mobile Patrol visits as well as Recurrent bill items and even manual invoices. Create a bill item for each of the items that your clients could potentially expect to see on an invoice.

Accessing BackOffice Default Settings

Follow the steps below to access the default settings in the BackOffice.

  1. From the Live Dashboard, click on the "Settings" button. It will bring you to all the settings for your portal.
  2. The items shown in the "Backoffice Configurations" menu, are the options for configuring the default settings for back office.

Create a Bill Item

To create a Bill Item:

  1. Click the Bill Items button from the left menu. A page will appear listing all presently configured bill item.
  2. Click the button labeled + New Bill Item.
  3. A pop up window will appear. Enter the required data:
  • Bill Item Name: Enter a name to represent the bill item.
  • Code (Optional): If there is a billing code to be referenced enter it here. Please note this code will also display in the Analytics menu accessible from the Billing Dashboard.
  • Unit Type: Set the unit type either Per Item or Per Hour.
  • Unit Price: Enter a default amount to be charged for the item.
  • Taxable: Select the checkbox if the item is taxable.
  1. Once fields are completed, click the [Save] button to save the Bill Item.
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