How to Create a Holiday Group

Updated Feb 11, 2020

TrackTik allows for you to create holiday group(s) that can then be assigned to various elements, such as positions, created at the site, at the zone or at the department level. TrackTik supports multiple holiday groups, so if you pay for some and bill for others or some sites have a different holiday policy than others, you can customize your holiday groups to match these requirements.

Accessing BackOffice Default Settings

Follow the steps below to access the default settings in the BackOffice.

  1. From the Live Dashboard, click on the "Settings" button. It will bring you to all the settings for your portal.
  2. The items shown in the "Backoffice Configurations" menu, are the options for configuring the default settings for back office.

Create a Holiday Group

To create a Holiday Group:

  1. Select the Holiday Groups option from the left menu.
  2. Select the New Holiday Groups from the top of the screen.
  3. A dialog box appears, enter a label in the Group Name field.
  4. Then select the check box next to the holidays that are to be included in the holiday group.
  5. Once complete click Save to save the group.
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