Patrol Types (Groups) Concept

Updated Feb 12, 2020

Concept of a Patrol Group

Concept of a Patrol Group

Patrol Groups are defined by several components. These components set rules for how the system will bill clients for the jobs performed by mobile officers.

Service Dates: Services dates can be finite or the end date can be left empty for ongoing services. This allows admins to create services groups for ongoing and temporary mobile services.

Other Charges: This allows admins to enter service charges such as fuel and other charges that cover additional costs associated with the scheduled mobile jobs.

Patrol Billing: Link the jobs of this patrol group to a contract for the site. Additionally this section allows admins to define the bill item for these jobs, set a discount (if applicable) and set the method of for charging the client. The Charge Type can be set to bill each job (contracted) or set to a flat rate (flat rate) for all jobs performed during the billing period.

Holiday Billing: If jobs that fall on holiday require a billing adjustment, this section allows admins to set the adjustment for those days.

Components of a Patrol Group

Price Tier: Enter a name for the patrol group, an option patrol group code, select the service model, and enter instructions.

Service Dates: Set the service dates for jobs that fall in this patrol group. For ongoing services leave the "End Date" blank.

Other Charges: Add additional charge items that are associate with jobs in this patrol group.

Patrol Billing: Link jobs in this patrol group to a contract and set the rules for how the jobs will be billed to client as well as how they will appear on the invoice.

Holiday Billing: Use the Holiday Billing section to add adjustments for billing jobs that fall on holidays. The premiums set here will automatically apply to jobs scheduled and performed on holidays.

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