How to Setup Recurrent Fixed Cost Items

Updated Feb 11, 2020

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Fixed Recurrent Items are automatically added to a clients invoice based on the invoice cycle set in the contract. These items are usually for equipment contracted to the client or a retainer for services that may be performed.

Create a Contract With Fixed Recurrent Items

For services that use a fixed cost model, make sure to select the "Recurrent Fixed Cost Model" checkbox when creating the contract. This will open the configuration options for adding recurrent items to client invoices.

Configure Details of Recurrent Fixed Cost Items

Once the contract has been created, the "Recurrent Items" box will appear next to the "Contract Information" box. To modify or add recurrent items, click on the [Setup Recurrent Items] button.

Create Recurrent Cost Items

The Recurrent Invoice Items section allows admins to setup the recurrent line items that will be added to every invoice generate for the clients. Add any recurrent fixed costs to the contract in this section.

  1. Use the drop-down menu to select from the list of bill items.
  2. Complete the "Description" field with more details about the bill items.
  3. Add the quantity of the item and the cost per item. If the item will be taxed, make sure to click on the checkbox for "taxable" items.
  4. Once all required items have been added click on the [Save] button.
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