How To Setup Hourly Guard Services

Updated Feb 11, 2020

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Hourly Guarding services work using scheduled hours and logged hours. This information is used to create invoices and bill the client.

Create a Contract With Hourly Guard Services

When creating a contract for a dedicated (static) officer, make sure to check the "Hourly Guarding" checkbox. This ensures that the site will be billed based on the hours logged by officers. It also prompts admins to create a schedule for the site.

Configure Details of Hourly Guard Services

Once the contract has been created the window will display boxes for the information entered in the contract. The "Contract Information" provide the basic information about the contract. If the "Hourly Guarding" checkbox was selected, a second box will appear to the right. This box provides access to configure the details of the hourly guarding services provided to the client.

Click on the [Setup Hourly Service] button to configure the details for the hourly services.

Create a New Position

Positions are essentially the same as posts. Begin configuring the hourly services by creating a new position. This allows admins to set rules for the position including: requirements, service period, bill item, bill rate and officer pay.

  1. Click on the [+ Create New Position] button.
  2. Complete the information in the form and click on the [Save] button. For more information on positions, please see the the article about creating and editing positions.

Edit a Position

Positions can be edited at any time. Locate the desired position and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the [Edit] button for the position.
  2. Make any necessary changes in the pop-up form and, when complete, click on the [Save] button.

Duplicate or Delete a Position

Duplicate or Delete a Position

Use the buttons right of the [Edit] button to either duplicate a position or delete a position.

Duplicate: This will create a duplicate of the position. Duplicating positions can be an effective way to create a new position will all of the same parameters as an existing position.

Delete: Deleting a position will remove the position from the system. This includes the ability to schedule shifts on that position.


Create a Schedule For The Hourly Guard Services

With the rules configured for the position, admins will be able to begin scheduling shifts for hourly officers. There is more information about creating schedules and shifts in the Schedules Chapter. Access the schedule for the site, click on the [Setup Schedule] button.

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