How to Manage Attendance

Updated Feb 11, 2020

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The Attendance Watch provide real-time visibility into time and attendance. Here you can monitor attendance and make ad hoc changes to shifts as situation arise.

Monitoring Attendance

Click on the "Attendance Watch" option from the left-hand side menu. This will provide a real-time view of the current shifts and officer's attendance.

Shift Bars: The black bars represented the scheduled hours for the shift.

Work Bars: The work bars show the hours logged by the officer. They will appear green if the officer is currently clocked-in and blue if the officer has clocked-out or completed their shift. Punctuality can be quickly identified by observing the difference between the beginning of the shift bar and the work bar.

Current Time: The red line running vertically through the shift bars represents the current time.

Editing Shifts and Time Logs

Shifts and the time logs can be edited by clicking on the shift bar. The pop-up window will provide several options for modifying the shift and time logs such as:

Log Time: If an officer is no longer working you can manually log the time the officer worked. Click on the [Log Time] button and adjusted the current time logged to the correct times.

Punch-In: Manually clock an officer into their shift.

Replace: If an officer is unable to make their shift you can use the Replace option to look through the list of available officers to cover the shift.

Delete: Simply delete the shift.

Edit Shift: The Edit Schedule tab will give you the ability to edit the scheduled times for the shift. Change the start or end time for the shift. From this window you can also edit the length of the break, add comments about the shift or change which employee is assigned to the shift.

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