How to Offer Vacant Shifts

Updated Feb 11, 2020

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Vacant shifts can be offered to a single officer or several officers via SMS. Officers will have the option to respond to the SMS with their confirmation of taking the shift. Once this is complete the officer will be automatically assigned to the shift.

Select the Shift to Offer

Begin by locating all of the current vacant shifts. This can be accessed from the Schedule Dashboard as well by clicking on the [Vacant Shifts] button.

  1. Click on the "Vacant Shifts" option from the side menu or access from the dashboard (described above).
  2. Click on the [Lookup Employees] button for the desired shift.

Select the Officer(s) to Receive the Offer

Once the shift has been selected the information for that shift will appear on the left-hand side of the assignment panel. The list of available officers will appear just to the right of the shift information. Use this section to select officers to receive the offer for the vacant shift.

  1. Select the criteria for which officers would be able to accept the shift.
  2. The list of officers will include all officers available based on the criteria selected above. Click on the checkbox next a single officer or multiple to send the offer for the vacant shift.
  3. Click on the [Offer By SMS] button.

Choose the SMS Distribution Method

Use the Technique drop-down menu to select the distribution method for the SMS offer.

Send All at Once: This method will send the SMS to all selected officers at the same time. The first officer to respond will be assigned to the shift.

Send in Sequence: Send the SMS to officers in the order you selected them from the employee list. The option allows you to choose the delay between each SMS that does not get a response.

Choose a Pay Option

There are some pay options available to help incentivize officers to pick up the shift. Select the pay option before sending the vacant shift offer via SMS. Use the Premium Type drop-down to select which pay option will be used for this shift.

Pay Regular Rate: No adjustments to the pay rate configured for the shift.

Same Premium: Select the dollar amount as a fixed rate for anyone that picks up the shift regardless their pay rate or that assigned to the shift.

Dollar Amount on Top: This option will add a selected dollar amount as a premium on top of the default rate for the shift.

Once this information is complete click on the [Save] button to send the SMS offer.

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