How to Distribute The Schedule

Updated Feb 11, 2020

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Schedules are distributed via email. The email address in each officer's profile will be used to send the schedule. Try to always include an officer's email address in their employee profile so they can receive the schedule.

Distribute the Schedule

Complete the steps below to distribute the schedule to employees via email.

  1. Click on the [Distribute Schedules] button at top of the screen.
  2. Confirm that the selected date range is correct.
  3. Click on the [Next] button.

Employees will receive an email with a list of their shifts. Additionally employees will have buttons in the email to acknowledge their shifts.

Distribute the Updates to the Schedule

Distribute the Updates to the Schedule

Once a schedule has been published then modified, it will be necessary to distribute the changes to the schedule. Rather resending the entire schedule, this option will only send updates for the shifts that have been modified since the schedule was originally distributed.

  1. Click on the [Notify Changes] button.
  2. Select and confirm the date range for the updated shifts. All modifications in this date range will be distributed.
  3. Click on the [Save] button.
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