Schedules & Attendance Section Overview

Updated Feb 11, 2020

The Schedules & Attendance tab provides Schedulers and Administrators access to tools and information pertaining to scheduled shifts. Here schedulers can create new shifts, monitor attendance, approve shift hours and more. Admins will high level data views shown in the Schedules & Attendance dashboard. This section of the guide explains the different sections and what can be accomplished in each area. This is not the "How to" section, but rather an introduction to the different areas of Scheduling 2.0.

Scheduling Overview

The Overview section provides quick access to critical data. Each of the sections in Overview provides a high-level view of scheduling data.

Dashboard: The scheduling dashboard provides a high-level overview of scheduling exceptions and general information about scheduled shifts and attendance.

Schedule Overview: View calendar of all scheduled shifts including all officers and all sites.

Employee Settings: Access employee information including pay rates for every scheduled officer.

Employee Summary: Provides total number of hours worked, overtime, holiday pay and shift details per employee.

Region Summary: Summary of schedules by region, if available.

Employee Settings: View demographics, pay rates, shifts and settings per employee.

Labor Budget P&L: Shows profit and loss per employee.

Vendor Schedules: Shows the schedules of the agents employed by the vendor

Attendance & Resolution

The Attendance and Resolution section provides a view of real-time time and attendance. Additionally this section provides options for different expectations typically managed by Schedulers. This section can be used monitoring attendance and forecasting issues in the schedule. Each option in this section serves a specific purpose for managing shifts.

Attendance Watch: View the real-time time and attendance of officers. The visual layout provides a quick view for determining if officers showed and clocked-in as scheduled.

Batch Timeclock: Administrators can log agents in and out of the system through the portal.

Vacant Shifts: Get a list of all vacant shifts and assign them to officers.

Unconfirmed Shifts: Access the list of scheduled shifts that have not yet been confirmed.

Proposal Queue: Offer shifts to employees and see the shifts that have already been offered.

Shift Notes: See notes related to agents' shifts

Schedule Preparation

The Schedule Preparation section is where Schedulers will create and assign shifts to officers. The options in this section allows Schedulers the ability to create shifts at different operational entities such as Sites, Zones and Deparment.

Approval & Audit

The Approval and Audit section is used to reconcile logged hours versus scheduled hours. This information will then feed into the payroll. System exceptions ticket will be created for different exceptions in the scheduling module.

Unplanned Shifts: View shifts that were worked but not scheduled.

Exceptions Review: View system exceptions that were generated due to uncovered shifts, panic button alerts etc.

IVR Logs: View logs of calls made to the automated clocking system.

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