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Updated Mar 09, 2017

Access Site Mobile Dispatch Settings

The Mobile Patrol Settings in the site profile allow you modify jobs scheduled at a single site.

Jobs used in run sheets consist of start time [Time From or Exact Time], end time [Time To or Leave blank] and duration [Duration in minutes].

A mobile officer would be able to start a job 45 minutes before (or less) and finish this job 15 minutes later (or less) per default settings at TrackTik.

These default settings would permit the officer to start the job 6:15 AM (earliest) and finish 09:15 AM (latest) as displayed above.

You can adjust the grace period of each job type used in a runsheet. This would extend pre and post scheduled job times giving flexibility to the officer.

  1. Click [Settings]
  2. Click [General]
  3. Click [Mobile & Dispatch]
  4. Choose [Allow runsheet grace periods] Choosing [Yes] will allow to add a grace period onto the predefined job times  Choosing [No] would use the default grace periods (45 minutes job start and 15 minutes after end time)Choosing [Not enforced] would ignore the scheduled time for the job, yet still display the period
  1. Go to Sites (Client)
  2. Pick the site you wish to adjust job type grace period.
  3. Choose [Mobile Dispatch]
  4. Under [Job Settings& Instructions] ...
  5. Choose the job type
  6. Click [Edit Instructions]
  7. [Grace period before runsheet task starts (min)] will allow officer to start the job “...”minutes ahead
  8. [Grace period after runsheet task ends (min)] will allow the officer to finish the job “…” minutes ahead.

Note: Granting 10 minutes of grace period for a job (i.e. Roving patrol 07:00 AM  09:00 AM) would allow mobile officer to start 10 mins (or less) earlier (6:50 AM >). For the jobs that do not have an end time, system will calculate the end time from duration of the job and apply the grace period accordingly.

Site [Mobile Dispatch] Settings

All of the site job configuration options are also available in the site profile. Use the "Mobile Dispatch" tab to access the same menu available in the Client Settings in the Zone Run Sheets. Here you can schedule jobs at the site via [Scheduler] and assign those jobs to run sheets via [Assignment]

[Job Settings & Instructions] menu item displays all the jobs applicable to this site allowing administrators to edit job specific instructions via [Edit Instructions]

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