How to Use the Settings Options (Android Guard Tour)

Updated Aug 17, 2016

The settings section provides several tools that serve different uses in the mobile application. These can be used to change password login information for a user as well as troubleshoot issues on the mobile device. Consult with an admin before using options like "Reload Phone Settings."

Settings: Menu Options

Settings: Menu Options
  1. Change PIN: The officer's PIN number is linked to the call-in time keeping option.
  2. Change Password: Officer's can change their password from mobile application or in the Live Dashboard. Note - Admins will always have the ability to change an officer's password.
  3. Reload Phone Settings: Force the device to reinstall the application. If a device has been transferred from one site to another, the Reload Phone Settings will reinstall the application with the new assignment for the device.
  4. Synchronization Status: When the device is working in Off-Line mode all data is stored locally to the device. Synchronization Status will show which data is currently in the upload queue while the device is off-line. Once the device hears a connection, everything in the queue will be automatically uploaded.
  5. System Diagnostic: If the mobile application does not seem to be working correctly, System Diagnostics can help identify the problem by performing a quick check-up.
  6. Session Settings: Portal settings and device information used for development.
  7. Barcode Scanner Settings: Setting used to determine if using TrackTik's built-in Barcode Scanner or a 3rd party application
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