How to Access / Complete Tasks (Android Guard Tour)

Updated Aug 17, 2016

The dispatch tasks section is most commonly used with alarm responses and other ad hoc jobs. The images shown are using the mobile dispatch, which may not be active. The simple dispatch will also place tasks assigned to officers here. From a mobile perspective this section provide a list of the tasks assigned to an officer. Officers can update the status of a task, complete the respective report form and close the job.

Access List of Assigned Tasks

Access List of Assigned Tasks

Tasks is essentially a list of the tasks that have been assigned to an officer from the Live Dashboard. To view the details of a task or begin working on the task, click on the tasks from the Opened Jobs List and follow the instructions below.

Complete Task Reports and Update Task Status

Complete Task Reports and Update Task Status
  1. Navigate: If the address from the site has been included, the [Navigate] button will open Google maps and show the route from the current location to the site location.
  2. Fill Up Report: Access and fill out the report form included with the task or work order.
  3. Status: Tasks have a status of "Accepted Pending" until the officer views the task and changes the status to: received, on my way, or completed.
  4. Job Completed: Click the [Job Completed] button when you are done to remove the task from your list.

Dispatch can reopen a job and send it back to the officer if it is not completed to the client's satisfaction.

Note - The Start Time Clock field is not shown. Start Time Clock allows officers to mark when they begin working for any tasks or job orders that are being billed to a client.

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