How to Access / Acknowledge Post Orders (Android Guard Tour)

Updated Aug 17, 2016

Post orders are the standing orders or standard operating procedures for a site. They typically include instructions for handling situations officers may encounter at the site. Additionally, they can include company policies as well as policies for conduct at the client site.

Access / View a Post Order

Access / View a Post Order
  1. Clicking the Post Orders icon will provide the list of documents included in the site post orders. Click on the post order you would like to view.
  2. The post order will open on the device or prompt you to download the document if the post orders are attached in a PDF file. To view attached PDF documents click on the View Document button.
  3. The PDF will take a minute or two to load on the device. You can scroll up and down the screen to view the full document. You must have data connectivity to download the attached document.

Acknowledge a Post Order

Acknowledge a Post Order

Like the Message Board, Post Orders also include a counter for post orders that have not been acknowledged by the officer. To view and acknowledge a post order follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Post Order icon.
  2. Like the Message Board, green color bars mark post orders which have been acknowledged by the officer whereas a red bar indicated that the post order has not been acknowledged. Select the post order you would like to view and acknowledge.
  3. To acknowledge the post order click on the [Acknowledge] button below the post order content.
  4. A pop-up message will confirm that the post order has been acknowledged and the color bar will change from red to green.
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