14.1 TrackTik SHIFT Admin Settings Guide

Updated Nov 30, 2020

Technical Requirements

Operating System:

  • Android 6.0+
  • iOS 11.0+

For Android:

  1. Visit this link on your smartphone to download and install TrackTik SHIFT for Android.

For iOs:

  1. Visit this link on your smartphone to download TrackTik SHIFT.
  2. Install TrackTik SHIFT for iOS.
Signing In
  • Employees need to have access to a valid TrackTik Domain URL
  • Employees must have an active employee profile with a username/ email address and password. They can use the same credentials they always use to log into TrackTik.


Viewing My Schedule

Some points to bear in mind:

  • In order for the employees to have access to their schedules you need to have the TrackTik’s Scheduling Module enabled.
  • Once the Schedules are published the employees will have access to view their assigned shifts in the application, which is the same behavior as the staff web portal).
  • The employees will be able to acknowledge the shifts directly in the application to let you know they have seen them, which is the same behavior as acknowledging the Schedule email notification.
  • When you modify shifts that have already been published, the employees will see the changes inside the application and will be able to acknowledge those changes.
  • Also if you add any information to the Schedule Memo field inside the position form, the employee will be able to view the information inside the application in the shift detail view.


Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
Shift Clock

Allow Clock-in Via SHIFT App

As an Admin, in the Features list at the region or site level, you will be able to turn OFF the use of the Shift Clock for Shift users. You can override this setting at the site level.

On the SHIFT app if the Shift Clock is OFF, the users will:

  • No longer see the button “Go To Shiflclock” on the detail page of their current shift.
  • No longer receive Shift clock related notification to avoid confusion(clock-in, break, clock-out).
  • The status on the Shift clock page (banner on top) should stop counting down as soon as the shift starts and the banner will say " You have a scheduled shift now".
  • No longer see the clock-in button and will see this sentence instead “Shift Clock via TrackTik Shift is disabled for this site.”

If you allow users to use the Shift Clock, you will be able to use the features below.

Geofence Restrictions

  1. Clock-in restrictions can be set at the site level : Security & Patrol>Mobile App Restrictions>Geofence Clock-in Restrictions
  2. Setting the allowed Geofence parameter can be done at the site level : Security & Patrol>Geo-Fencing

If sites where employees are scheduled have been configured with geofence clock-in restrictions, the employees will need to give TrackTik SHIFT app access to their location upon clocking in. Once they have given access to their location, TrackTik SHIFT will verify that they are at the right location.

Admin settings - User Guide for SHIFT v1.1 (GA Nov) - Google Docs - Google Chrome

Depending on the option selected, the user will experience one of the following:

  • No GPS Clock-in Restrictions: Employee can clock-in without their GPS location being considered. Employee will be able to clock in even if the location access is turned off for Tracktik SHIFT.
  • Block clock-in when not in range: Employee will be blocked from clocking-in if they are not in the allowed geofence area and will see the message “Seems like you are not on site”. Employee must allow location access to be able to clock in.
  • Permit clock-in and open a system exception when not in range: Employee will be allowed to clock-in but it will generate a System Exception ticket, letting you know that an employee clocked-in when they were outside of the allowed geofenced area. Employee will have to allow location access to be able to clock in.
Clocking In

The clock-in button will become available for the employee based on the scheduled Start time of the shift and this setting : 

Settings>General>Scheduling>Permit early clock-in (in minutes).

Example: If the permitted early clock-in is set to 15 minutes and the employee’s shift is scheduled to start at 9am, the employee will be eligible to clock-in at 8:45am. The employee will also receive the notification at this time, letting them know they have the permission to clock-in.

Open Shifts

Browsing available Open Shifts

If you want your employees to have access to the Open Shift screen on the SHIFT application, you need to activate several shift board features at the Region level and at the site level.

Go to:

  1. Settings tile
  2. Features
  3. Activate Shift Board

Go to:

  1. The Site
  2. Schedules
  3. Prepare
  1. Settings
  2. Allow Shift Board Self-Schedule

You also need to grant some permissions to your employees for them to be able to view available open shifts and to be able to either Take or Request them.

Taking means they can self-assign open shifts to themselves without any additional manager approval.

Requesting means it has to go through the regular manager approval process. We have not made any modification to this process. We are just making it easier for employees to pick up additional shifts.

Go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Roles & Security
  3. Staff Portal Roles
  4. ShiftBoard folder



In order to receive notifications, the employees must be logged into the app. The app can be running in the foreground, in the background or be closed.


Clock-in Notification

Is triggered by Settings>General>Scheduling>Permit early clock-in (in minutes) (same as we currently use for kiosk, IVR and Department licenses).

Late to Clock-in Notification

  • Is triggered by Settings>General>Scheduling>Send Late Clock-In Alert after (in Minutes)

Scheduled Break is over Notification

  • Is triggered by regular break time from shift pay load. After 1 minute of the scheduled break end time.

NOTE: if scheduled break minutes= 0 min but that you still decide to start a break, then you should not receive an "break is over" notification

  • Once you have used up all your break minutes and you have received your first "break is over" notification if you start another break you will not receive any other "break is over" notifications.

Scheduled Shift is over Notification

  • Is triggered by Scheduled shift end time. As soon as current shift end time is "now", then trigger notification.

Late Clock-out Notification

  • Is triggered by Settings>General>Scheduling>Send Late Clock-Out Reminder after (in minutes)

NOTE : If setting is set to 0 minute, you should not receive a late clock-out notification, you only receive "it's time to clock-out notification"


New Shift Notification triggers

  • Manager distributes a new schedule with shifts assigned to me

Shift Updates Notification

  • Manager notifies changes after making edits to a shift assigned to me or assigning a new shift to me

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