14.2 Onsite: Visitor Management

Updated Oct 15, 2020


TrackTik's Visitor Management module allows guards to control and track access to sites by visitors. With TrackTik's Visitor Management module, guards can check visitors in and out, print visitor badges and manage visits to tenants and apartment units.

This section describes how to use the visitor management module with an onsite license. Please refer to this section more information on the visitor management module.

Checking In Visitors As A Guard

In the site, click on the Visitor Management link.

Follow the procedure for checking in visitors.

The Visitor Log

Like administrators, guards may have access to the Visitor Log section of the module depending on their permissions.

Also refer to sections for printing badges,  entering notes and  handling visitor logs.

Visitor Profiles

The visitor profiles tab shows a basic overview of each visitor including first and last name, date and time of the last visit and the person and unit the visitor was coming to see.

Click on the "Visit History" button to see the logs for that visitor.


The Tenants tab contains lists of tenants and units. When they have the permissions to do so, guards can add tenants and units.

Visitor Metrics

Like administrators, guards also have access to Visitor Metrics when using an onsite license.

Visitor Types

Guards using the onsite license also have access to Visitor Types.

With permissions, guards can add new visitor types, and add and edit extra check-in or check-out questions. Check out the section on Visitor Types for more information.

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