Where Should I Create A Contract?

Updated Oct 07, 2020

You have the ability to create contracts at multi-sites or at stand-alone sites. When you create a contract at a multi-site, you can include services rendered at child sites in the multi-site contract.

Here are some tips and information that will help you decide where to create your contracts.

  1. A single contract will generate a single recurring invoice.
  2. When you set up multiple positions at multiple sites to point to a single contract at the multi-site, all services will be billed on a single invoice.
  1. If multiple contracts are created at the multi-site and different positions at sites point to different contracts, work will be invoiced according to the respective contracts to which the positions are pointing.
  2. If a contract is created at a site and the site position references that contract, the bill-to address will be the bill-to address of that site.
  1. If some contracts are created at the site, others at the multi-site, invoicing & revenue information will be split according where you created the contract.
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