7.31 Schedules & Attendance: Assigning Guards to Shifts or Deleting Shifts

Updated Sep 14, 2020

You can select multiple shifts by clicking and holding the left mouse button while dragging the cursor to select an area on the screen. All the shifts included in the selected area will then be selected to be modified.

Assign Guards To Shift

Assign a Guard: With a shift(s) highlighted, click on the blue arrow button in the officer's tile to assign the officer to the selected shifts.

Deselect Shifts: Release the selected shifts without editing them.

Delete: Delete shifts in bulk by clicking the Delete button at the bottom of the screen.

Continue creating shifts and assigning guards until the template is complete. Keep in mind the shifts scheduled while in the Template view will automatically populate in the Schedule. If the assigned guard does not cover a specific shift on a regular basis, leave it as vacant in the template so it can be assigned in the schedule.

Unassign Guards From Shift

At any time, you can unassign a guard from a shift by setting the shift to vacant, assigning a different guard to the shift, or posting the shift to the shift board.

Set The Shift To Vacant

  1. Click on the shift.
  2. Select the Vacant Shift option

Assign A Different Guard

  1. Click on the shift.
  2. Select the guard you would like to assign.

Add The Shift To The Shift Board

  1. Click on the shift.
  2. Select the Shift Board option.
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